Why SpringLean was Created

SpringLean knows first-hand how difficult it can be for non-technical founders of early-stage tech startups to build a high caliber product without hemoraging a ton of money. Springlean eliminates wasted spend by providing fractional CTO’s that can help lead efficient development that non-technical founders aren’t equipped to do. In addition, we provide professional developers at a flat competitive hourly rate. Everything about Springlean is transparent and we always have the founders best interest at heart.

Our Core Values

We Care. We Deliver. We Build Trust.


We always do what’s right even when no one will know. This is our most coveted team quality.


We think out of the box and encourage creativity. We are always asking ourselves how we can do it different and better.


We achieve maximum productivity for our clients with minimum wasted effort or expense.


We have strength of mind to face the adversity of being an entrepreneur with courage.


We show careful consideration and attention to meet the needs of our clients.