The most cost effective solution available for early-stage startups to get professional software development and CTO caliber leadership.

We know what it’s like to be a startup and understand how difficult it can be to find professional software engineers at a price you can afford. Furthermore, we understand that even when access to software developers are provided that non-technical founders still need project management from seasoned technical leadership. We are able to provide significantly discounted rates on software design and development for qualified early-stage startups.


We assess your project and shoot you straight. We don’t believe in selling you something you don’t need.


We will work directly with your team to prepare scope requirements for your Minimal Desirable Product (MDP). We deploy quality only.


The fun really begins during this step where we create user stories, whiteboard, wireframes, and clickable prototypes.


Now that we have consumer feedback we make any final adjustments to our sprints and execute on our development strategy.

5QA & Launch

Although we provide continuous quality assurance after every sprint we will go through a final QA process and deploy your MDP live!