How it Works

At Springlean we believe in truly helping the startups we work with and therefore not every startup is going to be a good fit. We want to learn about your startup, you as a founder, and identify where your biggest needs and/or pain points are. After going through a discovery process with you our board will decide if your startup is a good fit for Springlean. We will notify you of our decision by email along with next steps if you are accepted into Springlean.


Selection Process

Acceptance Notice

Bridging the Gap for Tech Startups through Fractional CTO’s and Affordable Development

We help fill a need in the early-stage startup ecosystem by providing affordable software development along with a fractional CTO for non-technical founders. We provide amazing software development at extremely competitive hourly rates along with an optional CTO and/or Product Owner leader with your industry expertise at a fixed monthly cost. Let Spring Lean align you with a development team and the technical leadership to manage your product roadmap efficiently thereby reducing wasted spend. Let Springlean help you turn your amazing idea into reality through our unique startup program.

  • Fractional CTO’s with Successful Track Records working with Startups
  • Professional Software Development at Unbeatable Pricing
  • No Long-term Contracts, We Earn your Business Every Month
  • Always Doing What’s Right for the Startup Founder

$100/hr $59/hr Development Cost

Optional – Fractional CTO or Product Owner at $1,750/month What’s this?

Free Startup Perks

Over $1M in Free Perks and Discounted Software for Spring Lean Clients

What You Can Expect if Accepted to SpringLean

  • Finalize Scope

  • Kick-Off

  • Build Small. Iterate Often

  • Full Transparency

Once accepted to the Springlean program we will introduce you to your fractional CTO that has experience in your domain and/or tech stack. Your fractional CTO will help you put together clear scope requirements and identifying your tech needs so we can align the proper Springlean designers and developers for your project.

Once scope requirements and resource needs have clearly been identified then your fractional CTO will put together sprints and a timeline for development. We use Atlassian products (JIRA) where you will have full visibility into all communication between your CTO and your assigned development team. You are now officially ready to kick off an efficient development process!

At Springlean we make sure to educate our startup founders every step of the way. This includes adopting a process where we get in the habit of building small and iterating often. Let’s deploy code often, test, gather feedback, and make revisions often to continually improve. Let’s not waste months and thousands of dollars on a feature that may have very little impact on your consumer base or revenue generation. It’s important to listen to the market, respond, and continually improve your application.

We don’t believe in the traditional digital media agency model that gives you an inflated quote on what they think it will take to get the project completed. Furthermore, we believe you should have full visibility into all aspects of development. You don’t have to trust that we are working on your project, you get to actually see the developer interaction with your fractional CTO. It’s exciting to watch the tickets move across swim lanes to the “DONE” column. Let’s do it together! There’s nothing you won’t have full visibility into when working with us.